About MISAA:                                        


MISAA was founded in 1998 by Managing Director Jeff Lewis following a career in the UK Civil Service, firstly with the Ministry of Defence and then the Department for Education & Skills.

MISAA brings a cutting edge approach to leadership, management and Marketing/Public Relations through bespoke programmes that blend conventional and unconventional tools and techniques.

Our programmes are highly experiential and holistic – engaging the mental, physical and emotional aspects of individuals and teams to effect far-reaching and sustained change for the better.

Our business model is unconventional – a network of highly skilled and experienced Associates bounded by a constitution shared in ‘mind and heart’ rather than by staff handbooks and legislation. That constitution of values and principles we apply in our daily lives – professionally and personally - is based on commitment to:


All our interventions are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. The following are a selection of the subject areas we offer:

The skills and knowledge in both these programmes and ICT allows identification of latest systems and technologies promoting efficiency and profitability in the competitive EU and global markets.

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Associates & Advisors
1. EU Experienced Associates
2. Specialists
3. General Projects
4. Global Specialists